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The Amazing Themes website may of only been trading since 2018, but the founder of the company has been creating beautifully bespoke Ecommerce Themes since 2012. Originally these themes were created for personal use on his first online business, but as he dove into the depths of SEO he started to realise how important a theme was.


seo diving

Around the time Google began focusing on serving mobile users responsive websites they also put more weight on websites to load faster. As you can imagine, on a potentially weak mobile internet connection loading times become more important than ever. This was the moment Amazing Themes secret sauce came into play. From ensuring every image was compressed to stripping out code and old css lines that would never be used, every little bit adds up to make a huge difference.

After running some SEO tests and performing a before and after evaluation on his own websites SERP position, it became crystal clear that having an SEO Optimized Magento theme was a huge boost to where his website ranked on Google. He began helping out a few friends and again, witnessed a clear serp increase which naturally gave more sales for their businesses.

Our founder then made the huge decision to sell his first online business and concentrate full time on SEO, specifically Ecommerce themes for all the most popular platforms!

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